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2017 Honda BF60

Year 2017
Make Honda
power 60 HP

Unmatched maneuverability and convenience.

The BF60 is all about being the best. The best maneuverability and highest speed in its class. The best fuel economy. Best in class high output charging. And of course, best time out on the water.

Available in two versions, the BF60 and the BFP60 Power Thrust offer powerful performance and exhilarating acceleration. The BFP60 offers a unique gear case and larger propeller that’s ideal for pontoons and larger hulled boats.

Both versions offer Easy Dock Steering. This exclusive Honda feature takes the anxiety out of maneuvering your boat into the marina.

Add in features like BLAST, Programmable Fuel Injection, a high performance heavy-duty gear case, Lean Burn Control, and variable speed trolling, and you’ve got a legendary motor that’s truly best in class.


Year Built 2017
Category Outboard
Condition New
Fuel Gasoline
Power 60 HP
Rpm 5500
Number Cylinders 3
Alternator Output 22 Volts
Gear Ratio 2.07:1
Stroke 3.1 in
Bore 2.9 in
Weight 251 lb
Displacement 61 cid
Full Throttle 5500
Cooling System Water Cooled
Starting System Electric
Lubrication System Wet Sump
Fuel Induction System Programmed Fuel Injection
Ignition System MicroComputer Programmed
Weight Type Dry