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2017 Yamaha Outboards VF200

Year 2017
Make Yamaha Outboards
power 200 HP

For years, tournament anglers championed the two stroke, sacrificing fuel economy and power for performance. That is, until Yamaha unleashed the world’s first 4.2L Super High Output four stroke outboard. The four stroke V MAX SHO® offers all the advantages of a two stroke in a clean burning, fuel efficient four stroke. It’s a level of performance that pro anglers have always wanted on the tournament circuit. And it’s officially put two strokes on notice.


Year Built 2017
Category Outboard-4s
Condition New
Configuration V
Fuel Gasoline
Power 200 HP
Rpm 5500
Number Cylinders 6
Alternator Output 50 Volts
Gear Ratio 21:12
Stroke 3.78 in
Bore 3.78 in
Weight 505 lb
Displacement 254 cid
Full Throttle 6000
Emissions 3 Star
Cooling System Water/Thermostatic Control
Starting System Electric
Lubrication System Wet Sump
Fuel Induction System DOHC Fuel Injection VCT
Ignition System TCI Micro Computer
Weight Type Dry